Theatre Class Curriculum

Theatre Arts  (#4242) (one semester)

This course establishes the foundation for all subsequent theatre courses by serving as a general introduction to all facets of the theatre. The Theatre Arts course presents a general overview of theatre basics including: vocabulary and basic concepts, historical and cultural backgrounds, acting, interpretation, stage setting, costumes, make-up, lighting, sound, house management, set design and construction, and other areas of theatre production.  A prerequisite course for all other Theatre courses.  

Technical Theatre   (#4244) (one semester)

Students will learn the basic processes behind designing, building, managing, and implementing the technical aspects of a production. The activities will incorporate elements of theatre history, culture, analysis, creative process and integrated studies. Students will cover the following areas: a brief history of theatre and the stage as it relates to technical theatre, basic scene shop tools and equipment, safety rules and procedures, construction documents and drawings, set models, construction materials, construction techniques, set installation and rigging. All principles will be applied to actual production requirements. Students will have some participation requirements outside the classroom. (Prerequisite- Theatre Arts) 

Advanced Technical Theatre- (#4252) (one semester)

This course would serve as a follow-up for the students interested in pursuing an interest in Technical Theatre beyond the basic survey class.  The students will take an in-depth look at Set Design, Stage Lighting and Design, Sound Design, Make-up Design, Costume Design, as well as any other aspects related to the Technical side of Theatre Production. The students will actively participate in designing, building, managing, drafting, and implementing the technical aspects of a production.   Each area covered will take a more in-depth look at the fundamentals, the science, the art, and the application of the area. Students will have some participation requirements outside the classroom. (Prerequisite: Technical Theatre I or approval of the Theatre Teacher.)

(Advanced) Acting (One semester)   #4250

This course will present an in-depth look at acting skills including interpretation and motivation. A discussion of various acting styles and methods such as the Stanislavski method and Method acting will be presented. Students will learn about developing their stage voice, dialects, gestures, action-motivation, and other areas relating to the development of the actor.  The students will work in a variety of dramatic genre with attention to script analysis. The class will also examine the differences between stage acting and acting for the camera.   (Prerequisite Theatre Arts or approval of the Theatre Teacher.)

(Advanced) Acting II (One semester) #4250

This course will serve as a follow-up to Advanced Acting I with special attention to various acting methods including acting for the camera. Students will learn more advanced acting skills of script analysis, character development, stage voice and dialect. The students will also learn about acting in different dramatic genre. (Prerequisite Theatre Arts and Advanced Acting I or approval of the Theatre Teacher.)

Musical Theatre (one Semester)

This course will take an in-depth look at the Musical Theatre genre including it's history and social implications. Students will learn about auditioning, rehearsing and performing in the Musical Theatre. This is a cross-curriculum class that incorporates both drama and music elements and how they apply in this type of theatre.

Theatre Arts Special Topics  Indpendent Study #4254 (one semester)

Students enrolled in Theatre Arts Special Topics, will take an in-depth look at specific areas of theatre with special emphasis on Theatre history and culture to create a special project in the selected area of study.  Areas may include, but are not limited to, Children's Theatre, House Management, Directing, Lighting Design, Set Design, Sound Design and Recording, Costume Design, Stage Management, Animation, Video Creation and Editing, Make-up/Special Effects, Dialect Studies. Students will create a special project developed through design and extensive research. (By permission only.)

All upper level theatre classes can be entered without the prerequisite ONLY with the prior approval of the instructor.