Speech: Fundamentals of Public Speaking
(Ball State University Dual Credit Course)
Mrs. Brown
Email : jbrown@smcsc.com

Speech  by McCutcheon, Schaffer, and Wycoff
Additional Support Material from: Fundamentals of Public Communication by Richard NItcavic

Additional Materials
Citations will be MLA consistent with the English Department. See the following sites for help.

Course Description

This class will focus on communication concepts and skills with the goals of helping you to understand basic communication principles provide you with the opportunity to improve your own speech skills, and enhance your awareness of communication’s role in culture. Special emphasis will be placed on preparing, selecting, organizing, and delivering speeches, as well as analyzing and evaluating the speaking-listening process. Because this class focuses on oral presentations, the following course objectives are given to help you understand the intentions and purposes of this course. 

Course Objectives

1.   You should be able to demonstrate competence in basic communication principles.
2.   You should be able to select and limit speech topics that are significant and appropriate to your audience.
3.   You should be able to analyze your classroom audience and any other audience to which you might speak.
4.   You should be able to construct and arrange ideas in an organized fashion: including the use of appropriate patterns of          arrangement, compelling introductions and conclusions, and effective transitional statements.
5.   You should be able to identify, select, and use effective supporting materials.
6.   You should be able to use visual aids effectively.
7.   You should be able to deliver informative and persuasive presentations in an effective and extemporaneous manner              with basic competency in the use of your voice and body.
8.   You should be able to choose accurate, vivid, and appropriate words in constructing your speeches.
9.   You should be able to improve your confidence in any public speaking situation.
10. You should be able to display improved abilities in critical listening.
11.You should be able to do all the above in an ethical manner.
12.You should be able to improve your vocabulary, language usage, and pronunciation in both general conversation and            public speaking.


Students MUST submit an outline for every speaking assignment. 

Students are expected to give all speeches to pass the course. Students will NOT be allowed to make up a missed speech unless they have an excused absence on the day the speech is due.  

Unethical Conduct

The plagiarism policy is consistent with the plagiarism policy adopted by English Department. Oral or written work will be considered plagiarism if the student:

1). Presents as one’s own work, the ideas, representations, or words of another person without customary and proper acknowledgement.

2).Submits an assignment as their own original work, which has been partly, or in full, created by another person.

Plagiarism in the preparation of speeches or papers, cheating on quizzes or exams will be considered justification for failure on that assignment and potentially, for the class. This class will follow all guidelines or penalties established by the English Department. Ignorance of what constitutes plagiarism is no excuse for plagiarism. Any and all incidents of plagiarism will be dealt with accordingly.

Also, knowingly providing false or misleading information to your audience is regarded as unethical speaker conduct and will be considered justification for failure of that assignment and may result in failure of the course.

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