Choral Department
The Choir Department is under the direction of Erin Frick and is comprised of choirs which include: New Edition, Emerald Suite, Pendletones, and Added Attraction.

The Choirs present three major productions throughout the year. In the fall, the choirs present  In Concert and a Christmas Production, Yuletide  Celebration. Finally, the most elaborate of the Department productions is Singsation, presented in May. All the groups participate in various other performance opportunities throughout the year such as the lighting of the Christmas Tree, Festival of the Trees at the Paramount, etc. The Pendletones, Emerald Suite, and New Edition also participate in competitive show choir events.

For more information and pictures, click on one of the buttons on the left for a link to that page. Archive Pictures for many of the choral productions through the 2010-2011 Season are available. For archive photos for productions after that contact Mrs. Frick for details. 
Pendletones & Emerald Suite
2022 State Show Choir Champions
Erin Frick, Director